That is the one of the most asked questions:

What should I wear while getting ready on my wedding day?”

There is no right or wrong here.  It is all up to you.  I only wish when I got married 19 years ago it was something we thought more about, so that in all my pre-wedding photos I wasn’t wearing my daggy pj’s.

We pay for amazing photographers to come to our homes to capture the moments of us preparing to become a Mrs, so it is only fitting that we have an outfit for this too.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable.  The aim here it to find something you are comfortable in and makes it look effortless.

Lace or satin robes are my far the most popular options.  Sometimes our Brides will go full length with some lingerie underneath.  Think of it as something you can wear after.  Afterall you have got the night of the wedding and a honeymoon following.

Let us take a look at what else our Brides have been wearing on the morning of their special day.  Another popular option is the oversized t-shirt.  Whether it is satin or cotton, button front of just a t-shirt – these are super comfy.

Or maybe you are getting married in the winter and want to look at a fleece robe that you will wear year after year in the cold. 

Whatever it is that you decide it will be perfect, and just remember the two things, make sure you are comfortable and remember many photos will be taken that morning.

Vic xoxo